Android vs iPhone: which is best for photographers?

Android vs iPhone: which is the best platform for photographers?

Android or iPhone, you ask? It’s up there with ‘Canon vs Nikon’ among the most hotly contested questions of our digital age. We all know that a DSLR is ideal, but we also know that the best camera is the one you have on you.

With this in mind, our Android vs iPhone comparison aims to find out which platform offers the most creativity and control for serious photographers.

Best photo apps for photographers reviewed and rated

Best photo apps for photographers reviewed and rated

Photo editing has really come far in a short amount of time. Photo apps for Android, iPhone and iPad have allowed a new generation of photographers to explore the limits of their creativity.

But there are photo apps for more than just photo editing. In this post we’ve rounded up some of the best photo apps designed with photographers in mind.

iPhone 5 camera: what’s in it for photographers

iPhone 5 camera: resolution, specs, features explained - what's in it for photographers

The much-anticipated iPhone 5 was finally revealed last night at Apple’s Cupertino, California, headquarters, and while the main headline is the 6th-generation smartphone’s slimmer figure (18% thinner and 20% lighter than iPhone 4S), there are some key improvements to the iPhone 5 camera – resolution and video capabilities being key among them – that should appeal to photographers everywhere.

13 best free Android photo apps

13 best free Android photo apps

Although probably not quite as ubiquitous as the iPhone or iPad, there are nevertheless plenty of hot Android photo apps that are just as good as those designed for Apple devices. And the good news is, there’s lots of great apps photo apps for Android that cost you nothing at all to download – here we take a look at the best of the free apps currently available.