Sky Photography: how to take pictures of the sky that dramatically fill your frame

Sky Photography: how to take pictures of the sky that dramatically fill your frame

Big sky photography can give your landscape photos immediate impact, but how do you cope with the obvious contrast issues when taking pictures of the sky? Follow these simple DSLR tips and learn exactly how to adapt your approach to sky photography that fills your frame.

How and when to use ND filters (and what the numbers mean)

When and how to use ND filters

Have you ever wondered how pro photographers capture movement in their landscape shots to produce soft, blurry clouds and misty waterfalls? Are your long exposures just not delivering the same effect? Chances are that those pro images have been shot using a neutral density filter. These dark filters are designed to reduce the amount of light reaching the sensor in order to increase exposure times, without affecting the colour of the image. But how do you know when to use ND filters?

Essential accessories

Chris Rutter using a tripod

Upgrading from a compact to an SLR camera opens up a world of photographic possibilities, here’s our guide to the accessories – from bags to flashguns and filters – that can help you take your photography to the next level

10 quick landscape photography tips

10 quick landscape photography tips

Improve your photos with our expert help. Here are 10 quick landscape photography tips to help you give your pictures a breath of fresh air…

Whether you’re new to digital photography or just searching for some inspiration, our quick and easy photography tips will help you take better pictures with the minimum of fuss.

Fake a graduated filter effect: Part 2 of 2

Give bland skies a stylish graduated tint by using the Gradient Tool in Photoshop and Elements On bright sunny days capturing landscapes may result in a washed-out sky – especially if you’ve exposed for the ground. Many photographers get around this problem by using a graduated filter, which are dark at the top and fade… Continue reading