Lens distortion correction: improve lens performance with in-camera adjustments

Lens distortion correction: how to improve lens performance with in-camera adjustments

Not all of us can afford expensive lenses, but that doesn’t mean we have to put up with poor quality images. In this quick tutorial we’ll show you how to make simple in-camera adjustments to fine-tune your lens’ performance and help eliminate imperfections like colour fringing and chromatic aberrations.

Vignetting: quick fixes and how to avoid it entirely

How to correct vignetting: step 2

If the corners or edges of your images sometimes appear much darker than the rest of the frame, vignetting is probably the culprit. Vignetting is aberration that occurs when less light reaches the corners of the camera’s sensor, and in the resulting image these areas are more under-exposed (or darker) than the centre. In this post we show you some simple ways to banish it forever.

Lens distortion: everything every photographer must know

Lens distortion: everything every photographer must know

However good your lens may be, you need to know how to spot (and correct) lens distortion. In this post we will explain everything photographers need to know to get the best results from their lenses. We’ll start by answering some of the most common questions about lens distortion, then look at several examples of lens distortion and, finally, try to cut through some of the technical jargon and put some of these concepts into layman’s terms.

What is chromatic aberration: free cheat sheet

Understanding chromatic aberration: free photography cheat sheet

Chromatic aberration has been the bane of every photographer at one time or another, with magical moments you thought you captured ruined by an unsightly halo of colour. But what exactly causes this phenomenon?

In the latest of our photography cheat sheet series of free infographics, we’ve put together this easy guide for understanding chromatic aberration. Simply drag and drop this free chromatic aberration definition and illustrated guide on to your desktop and keep it for a handy reference!

How to correct leaning buildings in Photoshop Elements

Barrel Distortion: how to correct leaning buildings in Photoshop

Do you often find leaning buildings in your architectural photos? This is called barrel distortion.

The most likely cause of barrel distortion is shooting a building from too close a distance. When shooting too close, you’ll need to zoom out to a wide-angle focal length, which can result in noticeable barrel distortion, making the top, bottom and sides of a building appear to bow outwards. For those instances when you just can’t shoot it any other way, here is how you can correct distortion on the computer using Photoshop.

Correct camera distortion in Photoshop Elements

Learn how to remove lens distortion from your photographs using Photoshop Elements Digital Camera’s 10-part series ‘Teach Yourself Photoshop’ builds into a complete video reference library. These easy-to-follow video guides will take you on a start-to-finish journey through perfecting your photos in the digital darkroom. In this video you’ll find out how to use the… Continue reading