The 12 most popular photo accessories of Digital Camera World readers

Landscape photo composition tips: break the rules – filters

Recently we asked our readers on Facebook to tell us their favourite cameras and which lenses they use most often. In our final survey we went on to ask them to tell us what accessory they use most often and what is the next accessory on their shopping list. The results were pretty interesting. Who knew so many of you used intervalometers!

Best selfie stick: 4 reviewed and rated


You’ve probably noticed the rise of the selfie stick if you’ve visited any kind of tourist attraction in the past few months. These increasingly ubiquitous apparatus are loved and hated in almost equal measure, but it’s hard to deny the usefulness of the selfie stick for capturing the ultimate self-portrait. Here we test four of the best ones available.

Best wireless flash trigger: 6 top options tested and rated

Best wireless flash trigger: 02 Calumet Quad Plus

There’s only so much you can do to spice up your lighting when your flashgun is mounted to your camera. Freeing it has traditionally been the job of the good old off-camera flash cord, but with a range usually limited to about three metres, it’s not an ideal solution. Going wireless is a much better… Continue reading