Best camera settings for black and white photos

Black and white photography: the ultimate guide

Contrary to what some online photography gurus might have you believe, shooting in black and white isn’t as simple as switching your camera to Mono mode and then applying a few filters and effects in Photoshop. You can’t just convert any old picture to black and white and expect it to be a masterpiece. Below we’ll show you how to set up your digital camera so that you have the best foundation to work with when you go to convert them to black and white photos.

Black and white photography: what every photographer needs to know

Black and White Photography: what every photographer should know

Converting an image to black and white is pretty simple, but if you want truly impressive results it pays to think about how and what you shoot, and learn how to use your photo editing software’s powerful tools to get the most from your shots. In this black and white photography tutorial, we’ll show you how to choose your subjects, set up your camera and how simple but effective adjustments in Photoshop can make your images stand out.

Photoshop Effects: add a colour tint to your photos

Photoshop Effects: add a colour tint to your photos - our final image

By adding a delicate tint of colour to the midtones of a black-and-white shot, you can easily change its mood. A cold wash of blue makes the image look more atmospheric, while a warm sepia tint recreates a retro romantic look. The trick to creating cyanotype or sepia-toned shots is to add a subtle tint while keeping the blacks black and the whites white. Here’s how to create these brilliant Photoshop effects using Elements.

Olympus unveils retro ‘film’ SD cards

Olympus unveils retro 'film' SD cards

Olympus has launched a new range of SDHC cards to complement the new Olympus OM-D.

The cards, which have been designed for use by those who miss the “authenticity” of using film, will be available in either black and white or colour variations. Anybody purchasing the black and white variation will be limited to shooting in monochrome.

Black and White Portraits: how to add drama in Photoshop

Black and White Portraits: add grit and drama in 4 easy steps

Black and white portraits are one of the more popular genres for photographers to shoot, but many times any number of factors can leave your pictures feeling flat.

After you’ve converted your portrait to black and white, why not use Photoshop’s dodge and burn tools to give your black and white portraits a rough and ready makeover.

This excellent, non-destructive technique will make your black and portraits really stand out. Here’s how to do it.

5 unbeatable ways to convert black and white portraits

Photo Ideas: 5 unbeatable ways to convert black and white portraits

Quick: think of your favourite portrait photography. Tip the scales in your brain for a moment, and you’ll probably find that most of your favourites are black and white portraits, no?

Black and white portraits have an inherent classic quality about them that stands the test of time, and if you want to give your portraits this sort of impact, you’ll want to give them a really punchy black and white conversion.