Photo of the day: 4 August

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Click on the picture to see this dramatic mono seascape in full.

The 55 best photographers of all time. In the history of the world. Ever. Definitely.

The 55 best photographers of all time. In the history of the world. Ever. Definitely.

Here at Digital Camera World we’re not afraid of courting controversy. OK, maybe we are a little bit, which is why we thought it was time to be bold. We’ve interviewed a number of famous photographers over the years and been inspired by each of them, but as many readers often ask us… “who are the best photographers of all time?”

We put on our thinking caps and took a stab it. Following lots of coffee and some heated arguments, we agreed on a list of the 55 best photographers of all time. In the history of the world. Ever. Definitely.

Split toning in Photoshop: get a two-tone effect without all the chemicals

Split toning in Photoshop

In the traditional darkroom, split tone effects are applied to images using a combination of chemicals to tint different tonal areas, such as the shadows or the highlights. This effect can be recreated in the digital darkroom by using this very simple method for split toning in Photoshop.

Photo of the day: 11 July

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This image needs to be viewed in full – click on the picture to view!

How to shoot haunting digital infrared photography

Digital Infrared Photography: our final image

Infrared light isn’t normally visible to the human eye, but in some circumstances it’s possible to capture it with your camera. The results of digital infrared photography can be truly stunning, lending a haunting appearance to outdoor scenes. The effect works particularly well on bright, sunny days in summer, when there are plenty of young, photosynthesising leaves on the trees.

8 ‘alternative’ ways to convert to black and white in Photoshop

8 alternative ways to convert to black and white: Desaturation

There are many ways to skin a cat in Photoshop and converting to mono is no exception. Here are some other popular ways to convert to black and white for those who don’t want to use the Black & White tool.

Best camera settings for black and white photos

Black and white photography: the ultimate guide

Contrary to what some online photography gurus might have you believe, shooting in black and white isn’t as simple as switching your camera to Mono mode and then applying a few filters and effects in Photoshop. You can’t just convert any old picture to black and white and expect it to be a masterpiece. Below we’ll show you how to set up your digital camera so that you have the best foundation to work with when you go to convert them to black and white photos.

Photo of the day: 29 May


‘The Dark Hedges’ by Tommy McDermott is breathtakingly eerie and undoubtedly benefits from being black and white.

Black and white photography: what every photographer needs to know

Black and White Photography: what every photographer should know

Converting an image to black and white is pretty simple, but if you want truly impressive results it pays to think about how and what you shoot, and learn how to use your photo editing software’s powerful tools to get the most from your shots. In this black and white photography tutorial, we’ll show you how to choose your subjects, set up your camera and how simple but effective adjustments in Photoshop can make your images stand out.

Leica unveils M Monochrom black and white camera

Leica M Monochrom black and white camera

Leica has ended weeks of speculation and confirmed the launch of its new black and white camera, the Leica M Monochrom

The new Leica camera features a monochrome CCD sensor with a native resolution of 18 million pixels, as well as programmable tones, the company says.