Monochrome photography: make striking images using your camera’s mono mode

Monochrome photography: how to compose strong images using your camera's black and white mode

Why set your camera to its mono mode for monochrome photography when you can simply convert a regular colour image into monochrome on the computer? It’s because you need a black-and-white ‘eye’ to shoot good black and white photography in the first place, and being able to see the results on the spot is a huge advantage. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to set up your camera and compose strong monochrome photography using your camera’s black and white mode.

The black and white photographer’s guide to light and contrast

The black and white photographer's guide to light and contrast

Understanding the behaviour of light and the effects it creates makes a huge difference in black and white photography.

But you still have to make sure the camera records it faithfully, and that’s where an understanding of exposure theory and technique pays dividends. In this post we explain everything black and white photographers need to know about using light to create stunning monochrome images.

Photoshop Presets: the best way to make a black and white preset

Photoshop Presets: the best way to make a black and white preset - step 3

You know the saying about not putting the cart before the horse? Rather than deliberately making a range of Photoshop presets, a more organic approach is probably best. The more presets you have, the more time goes into trying out different Photoshop effects one after another. Below we’ll show you a simple way of doing this.

Black and White Photography: finessing with Levels, Curves and Dodge and Burn

Black and White Photography: the best way to use Levels, Curves, Dodge and the Burn tools

In this month’s Shoot Like A Pro series on mastering black and white photography, we’ve explained how to compose for black and white photos and how to take control of black and white conversion. In our final part in the series we look at how you can use Photoshop effects like Levels, Curves and the Dodge and Burn tools to fine tune your black and white photo editing process.