How to find your lens’ sweet spot

    | Photography Tutorials, Tutorials | 16/04/2012 16:38pm
    How to find your lens' sweet spot

    What is a lens sweet spot? It’s something you’ve probably heard mentioned before, but all a lens’ sweet spot means is the aperture setting at which it is the sharpest.

    It’s important to understand that your lens doesn’t retain the same level of sharpness throughout its aperture range, so by finding your lens’ sweet spot you will put yourself in a better position for getting sharper images. Inside, we show you how to do it in 3 easy steps

    Free f-stop chart: master your aperture

    | Photography for Beginners | 17/03/2012 10:30am
    Best lens: tips to choose the ideal optic for your camera

    One thing we consistently hear from people is confusion about aperture and just what exactly those numbers mean. Understanding aperture can take some time for a beginning photographer, but hopefully we can speed this process up for you! Inside is a handy f-stop chart put together by our friends at N-Photo, which you can drag and drop on to your desktop.

    Get to know your camera

    | Photography for Beginners | 08/12/2011 11:17am
    Get to know your camera

    Got a new camera for Christmas or just upgraded? Master it quickly with our easy guide to camera settings, exposure, aperture, shutter speed, focus modes, lens choice, flash modes, image editing, printing, camera accessories, camera care, and more…

    Set up your camera

    | Photography for Beginners | 08/12/2011 11:16am
    Set up your camera

    Hit the ground running with our guide to setting up your new SLR, including choosing the right exposure mode, choosing the right metering mode, setting the aperture and shutter speed, and picking the the focus and drive modes

    Understanding aperture

    | Photography for Beginners | 08/12/2011 11:11am
    Understanding aperture

    Set the right combination of aperture and shutter speed and you’ll notice an immediate difference in your photography

    Shutter speed explained

    | Photography for Beginners | 08/12/2011 11:10am
    Shutter speed explained

    You can control the way that movement is captured in your pictures by getting to grips with your camera’s full range of shutter speeds

    Master Aperture Priority

    | Photography Tutorials | 10/07/2009 14:27pm

    Most cameras offer a selection of exposure modes ranging from fully automatic to fully manual.

    Add depth to your pictures by using different apertures

    | Photography Tutorials | 10/07/2009 14:19pm

    Once you take control of the aperture of your lens and choose where to focus the camera, you’ll be able to draw the viewers eye into the frame.