What is aperture: everything you need to know about controlling light creatively

    | Photography for Beginners | 27/02/2014 00:01am
    What is aperture: everything you need to know about controlling light creatively

    What is aperture in photography? Controlling the amount of light that hits your camera’s sensor isn’t the only role of that big hole in your lens. It also enables you to get creative with depth of field.

    In this tutorial we’ll not only answer the question of ‘What is aperture’; we’ll show you how to use your camera’s aperture to start getting creative with light.

    What is the best aperture and focal length for portraits?

    | Photography Tips, Portraits | 23/01/2014 11:14am
    What is the best aperture and focal length for portraits?

    If you’re just getting started in portrait photography you’ve probably asked yourself what is the best aperture and focal length? In our cheat sheets below we help answer this question by showing you how changing the aperture and focal length can produce very different effects with your subjects.

    DoF defined: controlling depth of field in photography

    | Photography for Beginners | 10/10/2012 12:12pm
    DoF vs subject distance: subject far from the camera

    When you focus on a subject part of the scene in front and behind it is also sharp. This sharp zone is known as the depth of field – or DoF – and understanding how to control the size of your depth of field is one of the most important aspects of photography to get your head around.

    Here we take a look at the factors that affect depth of field and how you can control DoF in-camera.

    Photo of the day: 19 August

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    Digital Camera World photo of the day | www.digitalcameraworld.com

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    Photo of the day: 15 August

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    Digital Camera World's photo of the day | www.digitalcameraworld.com

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    Aperture vs Depth of Field: photography cheat sheet

    | Photography for Beginners | 13/08/2012 12:35pm
    Aperture vs Depth of Field: photography cheat sheet

    What is aperture, you might be wondering if you’re new to photography? Your digital camera’s aperture is simply a hole in the lens – a variable diaphragm that can be made larger or smaller – to control how much light reaches the sensor. In this quick tutorial we will explain what you need to know to get started taking more control of your depth of field, photography skills and when you can put these into practice.

    Annoying problems at common aperture settings (and how to solve them)

    | Photography Tutorials, Tutorials | 10/08/2012 02:00am
    Annoying problems at common aperture settings (and how to solve them)

    One of the most important steps in learning about photography is understanding how to use aperture, because controlling your lens’ aperture settings enables you to take control over depth of field and dictate the size of the sharp area around the focus point in an image.

    In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the common problems with using wide, middle and small aperture settings and explain how to overcome them.

    Apertures: when to go small and when to go wide

    | Photography for Beginners | 16/05/2012 11:36am
    Photography Cheat Sheet: apertures explained

    One of the most common questions we hear from readers and new photographers is when to use wide apertures and when to use small apertures.

    Inside, the latest infographic in our photography cheat sheet series takes a closer look at why you would use small apertures and why you would use wide apertures. We show an example of each, and also illustrate how your apertures look at each f-stop to give you a better idea of how much light you are letting into your camera.

    How to find your lens’ sweet spot

    | Photography Tutorials, Tutorials | 16/04/2012 16:38pm
    How to find your lens' sweet spot

    What is a lens sweet spot? It’s something you’ve probably heard mentioned before, but all a lens’ sweet spot means is the aperture setting at which it is the sharpest.

    It’s important to understand that your lens doesn’t retain the same level of sharpness throughout its aperture range, so by finding your lens’ sweet spot you will put yourself in a better position for getting sharper images. Inside, we show you how to do it in 3 easy steps

    Free f-stop chart: master your aperture

    | Photography for Beginners | 17/03/2012 10:30am
    Best lens: tips to choose the ideal optic for your camera

    One thing we consistently hear from people is confusion about aperture and just what exactly those numbers mean. Understanding aperture can take some time for a beginning photographer, but hopefully we can speed this process up for you! Inside is a handy f-stop chart put together by our friends at N-Photo, which you can drag and drop on to your desktop.