Black and white photo effects: how Camera Raw can make pro-quality mono

Black and white photo effects: how the Camera Raw Basic tab can make pro-quality mono

Adobe introduced dedicated options for converting colour shots to mono back in Photoshop CS3, but you can create eye-catching black and white photo effects in any version of Adobe Camera Raw by desaturating a colour image and then working the sliders in the Basic tab. In our latest Raw Tuesday post on using the raw format, discover how to work these sliders in a different way to produce pleasing black and white photo effects.

Raw Tuesday: how to rescue a raw file in Adobe Camera Raw

Raw Tuesday: how to rescue a raw file in Adobe Camera Raw

Even though our Raw Tuesday series is concerned with shooting and editing raw files, we must acknowledge that JPEGs do have their advantages – the file sizes are smaller, and shots are ‘ready to go’ straight from the camera.

But if you’re serious about photography you should set your camera to shoot Raw. And perhaps the biggest reason why should do this is, in addition to getting the best possible quality, shooting raw files gives you an invaluable safety net when the scene in front of you presents exposure problems.

Raw Tuesday: how to combine multiple raw files for a perfect exposure

How to combine raw files for a perfect exposure

Each week in our ongoing Raw Tuesday series, which takes a closer look at shooting and editing raw files, we’ve answered some of the common questions we hear from photographers about working with the raw format. This week we’ll address one of the more common technique questions we hear, namely how to make an image from multiple raw conversions.

Get the HDR effect from one image

How to create an HDR effect in Photoshop from just one image

When you’re faced with a subject that has a high dynamic range – that is, one that has high contrast, with both very bright highlights and very dark shadows – one technique you can use to capture the full tonal range is high dynamic range imaging. But as you will see in our Photoshop tutorial below, there is a simple way to get an HDR effect from just one picture.