Understanding shutter speed as a creative tool: freeze and pan with confidence

Understanding shutter speed as a creative tool: freeze, pan and smooth with confidence

Understanding shutter speed as a creative tool is essential if you want to produce images that are about movement – whether you’re freezing action, smoothing out running water or panning the camera to add motion blur.

The shutter speed often seems to take second place to more obvious creative controls such as aperture and depth of field, so we’re going to show you how important understanding shutter speed is to your creative repertoire; we’ll show you how to take control of your shutter speeds and how to turn what would have been a good shot into a great shot.

Water drop photography: make a splash with high-speed flash

How to shoot water drop photography with high speed flash: step 6

Shooting water drop photography is a fun and simple way to get creative effects, particularly when you use food colouring to make a range of cool colours. By using high-speed flash you’re sure to freeze the action and get impressive results – and it’s so easy to do! In this tutorial we’re going to show you how to make your own home water drop photography setup, and demonstrate how to capture the drops in a split second.

9 Creative Photo Ideas for August

9 Creative Photo Ideas for August: seasonal, fun and short photography projects you can try to inspire your work and build new skills

Every month we offer 9 seasonal, creative photo ideas to help inspire you and build your skills as a photographer. In August, unsurprisingly many of our photo ideas take inspiration from the ongoing Olympics in London. But we’ll also have you snapping your holidays, weddings, bugs in your back yard and more.

Sports photography: tips for setting up your camera to shoot anything

Best camera settings for sports photography

When shooting sports photography and fast-moving action, you don’t have time to change many settings or worry about which mode you’re in. There are several basic settings, such as the autofocus, exposure and drive modes, that can be set up before you start shooting, but there are also other settings that can transform your hit rate.