26 landscape photography tips every pro still uses

    | Landscape, Photography Tips | 16/05/2012 02:00am
    26 landscape photography tips every pro still uses

    Whether you’re a novice landscape photographer or have sold thousands of your photos through stock agencies, there are some fundamental rules of landscape photography that stay with you as a photographer, even once you’ve honed your craft and learned how to break the rules to develop your own style. Below we’ve pulled 26 landscape photography tips which working pros have told us they still use on a daily basis.

    Panasonic Lumix FT1 Review

    | Reviews | 22/07/2009 12:45pm

    At first sight, Panasonic’s FT1 looks the nearest rival to Olympus’ mighty Mju 8000. It’s a similar size, weight and shape and is also waterproof, shockproof and operable down to -10 degrees.

    Best external hard drive for photographers: 6 models tested and rated

    | Accessories, Reviews | 30/05/2013 00:01am
    Best external hard drive for photographers - Seagate GoFlex Desk 4TB

    Transporting your photo collection and creating all-important backups couldn’t be easier than with an external hard drive. In our latest group test we round up 6 of the best external hard drives for photographers to see which offers the best combination of storage capacity, convenience and value for money.

    Photography Lighting: how to take control of everything from natural light to flash

    | Photography Tips | 15/04/2013 00:01am
    Photography Lighting: take control of everything from natural light to off-camera flash

    In our new Shoot Like A Pro series we take an in-depth look at photography lighting and how you can take control of the elements to get more balanced, beautiful images. We start this week by taking a closer look at the character of light and how the quality of light will affect your images.

    Canon: 22 megapixels is enough for EOS 5D Mark III

    | News | 05/03/2012 09:30am
    Canon eos 5d mark iii

    Twenty two million pixels is the ideal number for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon has said in response to questions why it doesn’t closer match the 36-million-pixel sensor of the Nikon D800.

    The Canon EOS 5D Mark III has only one megapixel more than its predecessor, the 5D Mark II, which has led some to question whether the new Canon camera is enough of an upgrade.

    Beginner photography tips: the most common mistakes and how to avoid them

    | Photography for Beginners | 28/10/2013 00:01am
    Beginner photography mistakes (and how to avoid them): take control of your DSLR

    In our latest Shoot Like A Pro series we take an in-depth look at some of the most common beginner photography problems and explain some simple methods to avoid them.

    Adobe Lightroom Presets: how to make your photos stand out AND save time

    | Photoshop Tutorials, Tutorials | 22/06/2013 00:01am
    Adobe Lightroom Presets: how to increase your efficiency AND create dramatic effects

    In our latest Adobe Lightroom tutorial we show you how to work more efficiently by using Adobe Lightroom presets, which you can use to create a range of punchy special effects.

    Camera lenses explained: how to get sharp photos using macro lenses

    | Photography Tips | 19/08/2013 00:01am
    DCM118.feature.macro_extra 59a6ded068b146f98446126736e46b74

    In the fifth and final part of our Shoot Like A Pro Series on how to get the sharpest photos possible with your camera’s lenses, we explain how to explore the close-up potential of macro lenses and discover a whole new world in almost any and every photo location.

    6 steps to enhance autumn colours in Photoshop

    | Uncategorized | 19/10/2009 11:34am

    The sun’s golden glow enhances the landscape’s warm palette; and its low position adds raking shadows to your landscapes, bringing out the shape and texture of the terrain.

    Carnival Photography Tips

    | Photography Tutorials | 27/08/2010 10:30am