13 photo editing mistakes every photographer makes (and how to stop!)

    | Photography Tips | 20/07/2013 00:01am
    What is highlight alert?

    With just a few clicks you can correct exposure and white balance problems, tweak contrast, remove unwanted objects and add better backgrounds. But with that power comes the ability to make mistakes, bad mistakes.

    To make life easier during those early days when you’re just getting to grips with your photo editing software, our friends at Photoventure have for their latest guest blog post compiled a list of the most common photo editing mistakes that photographers make at one point or another, and offer some advice about how to avoid making them.

    Nikon D4s: price, release date and official specs confirmed

    | News | 25/02/2014 08:42am
    Nikon D4s: price, release date and official specs confirmed

    Nikon has officially announced the Nikon D4s, its new flagship FX-format DSLR. The Nikon D4s price tag will be £5,199.99 / €6,199.00 with a release date of 6 March 2014.

    The Photography Show: our MAJOR new consumer event at Birmingham NEC!

    | Inspire | 26/06/2013 00:01am
    10 trade show photography tips for Focus on Imaging 2013

    Future Publishing, the specialist media group that publishes Digital Camera World, has unveiled The Photography Show, a major new consumer event that will take the place normally held by Focus on Imaging in 2014 at the NEC in Birmingham.

    Behind the Image: Paul Debois on luck, patience and predicting decisive moments

    | Inspire | 09/08/2014 12:00pm
    Pinhole Impressions 3 - Lime tree or Tilia Tomentosa ©Paul Debois

    Paul Debois explains how gale force winds, a Zero 2000 pinhole camera and a photographer’s intuition created one of his favourite images.

    Luminosity masks: why raw HDR is the best HDR

    | Photoshop Tutorials, Tutorials | 27/11/2012 02:00am
    Luminosity masks: why raw HDR is the best HDR

    This luminosity mask technique enables you to create the perfect raw HDR image by blending two exposures according to lightness, not just area. This is a variation on the traditional HDR photography technique, but because we want to darken highlights and lighten shadows throughout the image rather than in selected areas, we’ll blend the images in a different way.

    9 creative photo ideas to try in February

    | News | 01/02/2014 00:01am
    Creative photo ideas for February: 09 Shoot a heart-shaped shadow

    Looking for inspiration for your photography? Try these 9 creative photo ideas that are perfect for shooting in February.

    Featured blog: My Cooking Hut

    | Photography Tips | 08/02/2012 09:41am

    Author of My Cooking Hut, Leemei, has combined her two passions – food, and photography – to create one of the most beautiful food blogs on the web. Focusing on Asian and French cooking, My Cooking Hut distinguishes itself through it’s beautiful photography; one of the reasons for its popularity. We caught up with Leemei to discuss her passion for photography.

    Choosing the best ND filter: remember these 4 tips (and save this cheat sheet!)

    | Landscape, Photography Tips | 03/08/2012 11:00am
    How to choose the best ND filter for your camera: 4 tips for deciding which one is right for you

    ND filters are sold in different strengths, and different scales are used to measure this. Some use an NDxx number, others refer to optical density, and some refer to the light reduction in EV or ‘stops’. Below we’ve served up four of our best tips for choosing the best ND filter for your DSLR.

    Our 15 most popular photo editing tutorials of 2012

    | Photoshop Tutorials, Tutorials | 29/12/2012 13:00pm
    Photoshop Effects: how to mimic studio lighting for stylish portraits

    It can be hard keeping up with anything on a daily basis, let alone a photography blog, when you have all of your daily responsibilities to take care of first. We know you don’t have time to read everyday, so to bring you up to speed on what you may have missed over the past year, we’ve rounded up our 15 most popular photo editing tutorials of 2012.

    When to use a reflector: the effects produced by different colour surfaces

    | Photography Tips, Portraits | 27/01/2014 12:40pm
    When to use a reflector: how the different colours produce different effects

    Reflectors are available with many different surfaces, such as gold (which adds a warm glow to faces) and white (which helps to lift shadows and balance light). You can even get reflectors with multiple surfaces. But how do you know when to use a reflector with one of these different coloured surfaces?