Winter wildlife photography: tips for taking amazing pictures at home

Winter wildlife photography: tips for taking amazing pictures at home

Want to shoot winter wildlife photography but not leave the comfort of home? Find out how to stay warm – and well hidden – and hone your bird photography skills on the many birds that are active in your garden this time of year. Bird photography isn’t just for dedicated wildlife photographers with expensive cameras… Continue reading

Wildlife photography in any environment: free photography cheat sheet

Zoo photography: a fool-proof method for capturing animals through glass

In our latest photography cheat sheet we’ve put together handy flowcharts to take you through shooting four of the most common environments in which you’ll shoot wildlife photography: wildlife parks, wild mammals up close in their habitat, wild birds in sunlight and shade, and garden wildlife.

Free wildlife photography cheat sheet

Free wildlife photography cheat sheet: tips on composing, exposing and how to shoot some of the more popular subjects

Do you need some positive reinforcement with your wildlife photography? It can be one of the more frustrating genres you’ll attempt to photograph.

Subjects aren’t often there, let alone staying in one place for your camera. And they’re often at their most active at really inconvenient times of the day!

To help you along we’ve put together this handy wildlife photography cheat sheet with some great tips on how to shoot some of the more popular subjects in wildlife photography, such as seasonal animals like deer, insects and bugs, birds in motion and underwater creatures.

Free bird photography cheat sheet

Free bird photography cheat sheet: master the four most common types of bird photos

Are you frustrated by the quality of your bird photos, or are you looking to try bird photography for the first time? Look no further than this latest infographic in our photography cheat sheet series.

With spring in full swing, now is the perfect time to get out into your garden or local park and start taking pictures of birds. But for your bird photos to be successful you need to first decide what sort of shot you’re after.

In the photography cheat sheet below we’ve picked four of the most common situations in which you might take pictures of birds. Within each scenario we’ve crafted a handy little flow chart to get you from start to finish of your shoot, whether you’re camped out in a hide, visiting your local zoo or shooting from your living room window. Inside are charts illustrating how to get great shots of captive birds, static birds, flying birds and flocks of birds.

Talon-ted Photographers: 10 top tips for pictures of birds in flight

Bird photography tips: 10 ways to get better pictures of birds

Are you having trouble taking decent photos of birds in flight? Don’t worry, it’s a common problem and doesn’t mean you’re not a talon-ted photographer.

From getting an accurate exposure of your subject against all that bright sky to simply being in the right place at the right time, one of the more challenging genres you’ll ever attempt will be bird photography. Tips and techniques abound, but we’ve put together what we believe are the 10 most fundamental rules you should follow when taking pictures of birds in flight.