A travel photographer’s guide to photographing people

    | Photography Tips, Travel | 08/07/2011 14:42pm

    Top travel photography tips and techniques for the best people shots. Learn how to approach locals, when to offer money and how to take portaits packed with character

    8 ways to avoid ‘postcard shots’

    | Photography Tips, Travel | 05/07/2011 12:47pm
    Travel photography tips: 8 ways to avoid postcard shots

    Travel photography ticks all the boxes – exploring the creative possibilities of your camera in a fascinating new location is about as good as it gets. But great travel photography is about more than hopping on a flight to Havana and snapping old ladies with cigars. It requires as much skill, preparation and careful technique as any other photographic genre. How do you make your shots of a popular tourist destination stand out from everybody else’s – to be more than pure ‘postcard shots’? These 8 easy travel photography tips will help you think differently about your pictures…