8 things every insect photographer must know

    | Macro, Photography Tips | 17/04/2012 11:00am
    Insect Photography Tips: fill the frame

    Whether you shoot insect photography or not, when you’re working with tiny subjects, it’s almost impossible to point, shoot and come away with good results. You really need to think about composition and lighting, and also about the way you behave around nervous wildlife such as insects.

    Inside are 8 crucial tips every photographer should know when trying to shoot insect photography outside of a controlled environment.

    25 flower photography tips for beginners

    | Macro, Photography Tips | 19/04/2011 11:23am
    25 flower photography tips for beginners

    Improve your flower photography: tips, tricks and techniques for pictures bursting with style. All you need, from the best digital camera settings to lighting for flowers…