6 most popular lenses of Digital Camera World readers (plus 6 more you’d love to own)

Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8

We recently asked our readers on Facebook to tell us which was the lens they used most often and which they plan to buy next. It made for interesting reading with a rich and diverse mix of focal lengths and apertures, but almost exclusively included Canon- and Nikon-mount optics. Here are the top six lenses you told us you use most often, and six more that are on your wishlist!

Tutorial files for Digital Camera 167


Get start files for the August 2015 issue’s Digital Darkroom tutorials, plus files to accompany the Master Photoshop In A Day ebook included with this issue In Digital Camera 167, on sale from Friday 17th July, our Digital Darkroom section helps you develop your image-editing skills, with guides for Lightroom and Photoshop. Where indicated in… Continue reading

Camera technology: which photography brand is winning the race? (Infographic)

Camera technology: which photography brand is winning the race? (Infographic)

Which photography brand is winning the race of camera technology and innovation? This insightful new infographic from Clifton Cameras takes at the early years of Nikon, Canon, Olympus and Fujifilm from the creation of Nippon Kogaku (Nikon) in 1917 and on through the decades of the last century, pinpointing major developments in camera technology.