Digitise your archive with SilverFast Archive Suite 8 software! (Sponsored)

Digitise your archive with LaserSoft's SilverFast Archive Suite 8 software! (Sponsored)

If your passion for photography pre-dates the digital era, you’re likely sitting on an archive of hundreds, if not thousands, of slides and photographic prints.

Creating a digital archive of these analog image originals is the best way to preserve your life’s work and cherished memories from damage or loss, and the latest version of LaserSoft Imaging’s archiving software is just the tool you need to protect your collection.

8 things you’ll learn at PhotoLive 2014

8 things you'll learn at PhotoLive 2014

PhotoLive 2014 is fast approaching and we’re getting excited about the tips, tricks and useful takeaways we’ll get from some of our favourite professional photographers.

PhotoLive is taking place in Leeds (23 Aug), Edinburgh (30 Aug) and London (06 Sep) and there are over twenty seminars to chose from. 

Here are eight things you’ll learn from a day out at PhotoLive: