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    | Inspire | 07/04/2014 14:30pm
    Issue 149 of Digital Camera magazine now on sale!

    For a very limited time we’re giving readers the opportunity to download five of our digital photo magazines for free!

    Get lab-quality prints with Canon’s 5-ink and 6-ink PIXMA printers (Sponsored)

    | Inspire | 02/04/2014 10:00am
    Get lab-quality prints with Canon's 5-ink and 6-ink PIXMA printers (Sponsored)

    It’s often said that Canon’s PIXMA printers produce ‘lab quality’ prints, but we’d actually disagree.

    When stepping up to a five-ink printer like the Canon PIXMA MG5550 or PIXMA MG6450 you’re getting quality beyond what the big online photo labs are able to produce, and our tests have consistently shown this to be the case.

    Recreate classic photo effects with Olympus’s Art Filter range (Sponsored)

    | Inspire | 31/03/2014 12:50pm
    Recreate classic photo effects with Olympus's Art Filters (Sponsored)

    Retro photo effects are very much on trend, and Olympus has led the way with its pioneering range of in-camera Art Filters.

    In this short film you can see just how easy it actually is when you choose to shoot Olympus.

    Get superior prints with Canon’s PIXMA printer range (Sponsored)

    | Inspire | 29/03/2014 17:10pm
    Get superior prints with Canon's PIXMA printer range (Sponsored)

    Canon is unique in developing a complete chain of equipment that takes you seamlessly from the initial capture stage with your EOS DSLR to your final output via its PIXMA range of home printers.

    But what is it that really sets Canon printers apart, and which is the right model for you? Let’s take a closer look.

    Why Olympus’s OM-D E-M1 is one top pro’s camera of choice (Sponsored)

    | Inspire | 24/03/2014 10:00am
    Why Olympus's OM-D E-M1 is one top pro's camera of choice (Sponsored)

    In this behind-the-scenes interview with Olympus’s Principal Photographer, leading portrait photographer Damian McGillicuddy discusses his passion for portraiture and why his Micro Four Thirds cameras are helping him in his drive to continually get better.

    Olympus Live Bulb: take unprecedented control over long exposures (Sponsored)

    | Inspire | 17/03/2014 12:01pm
    Olympus Live Bulb: take unprecedented control over long exposures (Sponsored)

    Learn how to get unprecedented control over long exposures by taking full advantage of the Live Bulb feature unique to Olympus.

    Share your favourite pictures with Olympus Image Share (Sponsored)

    | Inspire | 10/03/2014 10:00am
    Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 12.32.36 pm

    When paired with an Olympus camera, the Image Share app allows you to import images to a smartphone and share them with family and friends. Find out more in this clever video!

    Digital Camera – Special 150th Issue Offer!

    | Inspire | 08/03/2014 10:44am

    To celebrate our 150th issue, and staying the UK’s best selling photography magazine for the second year, we are doing a special issue. Plus some exclusive subscription offers! Subscribe today and receive your first 3 issues for just £5/$10 - including our fantastic 150th issue. Plus, continue to save, with 13 issues per year delivered to [...]

    Get creative with Olympus’ diverse range of lenses (Sponsored)

    | Inspire | 03/03/2014 11:59am
    Get creative with Olympus' diverse range of lenses (Sponsored)

    In this exclusive video shot on location in Bath, England, we follow leading travel photographer Neil Buchan-Grant as he gets creative with Olympus’ extensive range of Micro Four Thirds lenses and uses them to photograph storied landmarks in new, inspiring ways.

    Issue 149 of Digital Camera magazine now on sale!

    | Inspire | 02/03/2014 12:00pm
    Issue 149 of Digital Camera magazine now on sale!

    Issue 149 of Digital Camera is on newsstands now! Highlights include a great cover feature on creative macro skills for your house and garden, an interview with top author Michael Freeman, a round-up of the best system cameras and some great free gifts!