How to find perfect composition for your street photography

    | Photo Ideas | 30/03/2013 14:00pm
    La Habana by Harry Fisch

    Is street photography really as ‘random’ as it might at first appear? In this article travel photographer Harry Fisch reveals his secret to capturing perfectly composed street photography.

    Find out why the DJI Phantom might be the world’s coolest camera gadget

    | News | 09/03/2013 14:00pm
    DJI Phantom

    The DJI Phantom quadcopter is certainly not cheap, but it might just be the world’s coolest camera gadget!

    Interview with disqualified winner of National Geographic Photo Contest

    | News | 23/02/2013 02:00am
    Harry Fisch's disqualified winning image from National Geographic Photo Contest

    Harry Fisch’s image, ‘Varanasi, India’, caused a stir earlier this year when his image was chosen as the winner in the Places category of the prestigious National Geographic Photo Contest 2012, only to be disqualified shortly afterward for editing out a bag using Photoshop. We caught up with him to discuss his thoughts on National Geographic’s decision, and travel photography.

    Famous Photographers: 100 things we wish we knew starting out

    | Photography Tips | 20/02/2013 01:00am
    How to make money from photography: tips for how to supplement your income by doing what you love

    When it comes to improving your photography, the best advice you can get is from the working pros themselves. Here we’ve gathered together 100 tips from famous photographers, and have included jargon-free advice on everything from the gear you need right through to selling your photos.

    CSC production increases

    | News | 14/02/2013 15:51pm
    Compact system cameras

    The total number of interchangeable lens cameras being produced has jumped by around 34 percent, all in the midst of a marked was has shrunk by 15 percent overall…

    Food photography banned!

    | News | 01/02/2013 06:00am

    Some New York restaurants have had enough with diners snapping pictures of their food, and have imposed an outright ban on this, even if they’re just using their phone to grab a quick snap…

    Photojournalist Don McCullin finds a new audience

    | News | 25/01/2013 06:00am

    A documentary film about legendary photojournalist Don McCullin has been garnering rave reviews in the UK, and is expected to be released in the US later this year…

    Future of camera retailing: Jessops’ doors close, Canon’s open

    | News | 17/01/2013 15:41pm
    Jessops back to black

    Why Jessops’ filing for bankruptcy doesn’t mean the end for traditional bricks-and-mortar camera retailers.

    Get free trial to photography mags on Google Play, Nook, and Kindle Fire

    | Inspire | 14/01/2013 19:00pm
    Digital Camera World on Nook

    Future Publishing’s photography magazines are now available on Nook and Google Play. To celebrate this they are offering some fantastic free trial offers…

    First place not in the bag! National Geographic Photo Contest winner disqualified

    | News | 11/01/2013 16:26pm
    Preparing the Prayers at the Ganges by Harry Fisch

    Photographer who entered 2012 National Geographic Photo Contest finds out the hard way the importance of reading the rules thoroughly…