Tutorial files for Digital Camera 175

Get start files for the April 2016 issue’s Digital Darkroom tutorials, plus files to accompany the 34 Amazing Photo Tricks ebook included with this issue In Digital Camera 175, on sale from Friday 26th February, our Digital Darkroom section helps you develop your image-editing skills, with guides for Lightroom and Photoshop. Where indicated in the… Continue reading

Common mistakes at every shutter speed (and how to avoid them)

Common mistakes with shutter speeds (and the best settings to overcome them)

At a basic level, shutter speed is used to control exposure, but it can also be used as a creative tool that freezes action or adds dramatic blur to moving subjects. In this tutorial we’ll explain some of the common mistakes you might encounter while trying to achieve the five classic shutter speed effects of freezing movement, blurring action, using blur creatively, long exposures and night photography.