Nikon D4s review

    | Reviews, SLRs | 09/04/2014 12:13pm
    Nikon D4s review

    Nikon D4s review: Nikon’s D4 replacement is a true workhorse of a camera, but has enough changed to warrant an upgrade? Find out in our Nikon D4s review.

    Olympus OM-D E-M10 Review

    | Reviews, SLRs | 08/04/2014 14:51pm
    Olympus OM-D E-M10 Review

    Olympus OM-D E-M10 review: the new E-M10 boasts all of the key features from the original OM-D at a more affordable price and in a smaller body. Angela Nicholson puts it to the test.

    Fuji X-T1 hands-on review

    | Compact Cameras, Reviews | 28/01/2014 11:44am

    Fuji X-T1 Hands-on Review: Fuji’s new SLR-style CSC is like the Fuji X-E2 but with more dials and a better EVF. Find out more about this new Fuji camera in our Fuji X-T1 hands-on review video.

    2014 predictions: new camera technology we can expect in the new year

    | News | 31/12/2013 00:01am
    2014 predictions for photographers: new camera technology to expect in the new year

    New camera technology is evolving quickly making it an exciting time for photographers. Our head of testing Angela Nicholson makes her bold 2014 predictions for photographers.

    11 photo printing mistakes every photographer makes (and how to fix them)

    | News | 28/12/2013 00:01am
    11 photo printing mistakes every photographer makes (and how to avoid them)

    Making prints can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of photography, but there are a few common mistakes that photographers make that can have them tearing their hair out. Our Head of Testing, Angela Nicholson, outlines the photo printing problems that can arise and explains how to avoid them.

    What camera should I buy: pros and cons of each type (and what they’re best at)

    | Photography for Beginners | 26/12/2013 00:01am
    What camera should I buy: pros and cons of each camera type (and when you should use them)

    This time of year many of us ask ourselves, “What camera should I buy?” Truth is, it can be tricky to decide what camera to buy because we like to shoot different subjects which have different needs. In this jargon-free buyer’s guide our head of testing Angela Nicholson has some advice that will put you on the right track.

    How to set up a camera for the first time: 11 things you need to do first

    | Photography for Beginners | 25/12/2013 00:01am
    How to set up a camera for the first time: 11 settings to get you started right

    If you’re new to photography and are lucky enough to have been given a camera for Christmas, or perhaps you’ve bought one in the sales, you may need a few tips on how to set up a camera for the first time. Our head of testing Angela Nicholson is on hand with all the information you need.

    Photography for beginners: 6 reasons you’re smarter than your camera

    | Photography for Beginners | 17/12/2013 00:01am
    Photography for beginners: 6 reasons you're smarter than your camera

    Modern DSLR, compact system and compact cameras are very clever, and in many circumstances they can be left to their own devices in their automatic settings and will deliver good results. However, when explaining photography for beginners it’s imperative to understand that your camera doesn’t always get it right. It’s helpful to be aware of the problems they face and what can fool them so that you can take control and get the images that you want.

    10 family portrait photography mistakes every photographer makes

    | Photography Tips, Portraits | 27/11/2013 00:01am
    Family photo ideas: make a striking family portrait from individual faces in profile

    We are fast approaching the festive season which usually brings plenty of opportunity to take a few family portraits. In the latest instalment of her ongoing series looking at some of the common mistakes photographers make, our head of testing, Angela Nicholson, explains some of the most common family portrait photography mistakes that photographers make and offers some advice about getting it right.

    Nikon D5300 review

    | Reviews, SLRs | 26/11/2013 11:00am
    Nikon D5300 review

    Nikon D5300 review: the new D5300 offers a 24-megapixel sensor, with the optical low-pass filter removed to deliver finer image quality. Is this the ultimate beginner DSLR? Find out in our Nikon D5300 review video.