7 tips and tricks for using blend modes like a pro

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    Blend modes offer the quickest and easiest way to combine images creatively. Discover our 7 best tips for using them to create professional-looking images.

    7 tips and tricks for using blend modes like a pro

    Blend mode tips: 01 Experiment with Blend modes

    Blend modes use mathematical algorithms to combine the pixels on the active layer with all the layers below it.

    Most work by multiplying, subtracting or dividing colour and brightness values.

    Some Blend modes are more useful than others, and many have a companion that creates the opposite effect.

    For example, Multiply darkens the tones in an image, while Screen lightens them.

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    Overlay calculates both Multiply and Screen in one go, darkening the darker tones and lightening the lighter ones.

    Knowing exactly what each Blend mode does isn’t really necessary because their effects depend so heavily on the images you’re applying them to.

    The best approach is to experiment until you find one that works with your images in the way that you want.

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