This Week in Photography – news from 14-20 July

New Pentax bridge camera

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Adobe’s raw deal

Best free iPad photo apps: Photoshop Express

In another sign that on-phone image processing is fast catching up with computer-based editing, Adobe has announced raw-editing support in its free app, Adobe Photoshop Express.

Both the iOS and Android versions of the app will enable you to edit raw files, and the revamped Photoshop Express also features a Blemish Removal Tool, greater control over the ‘Looks’ filters, and a self-explanatory Defog tool that helps to reduce haze.

Nikon updates free Capture software

Nikon has replaced its Capture NX2 raw-processing software with Capture NX-D. As well the conventional tools for opening, editing and saving Nikon NEFF raw files, the new software supports batch processing and offers a more sophisticated interface to make it easier to work with multiple monitors.

There is also an automatic retouch brush. While it’s good to see these improvements, we wonder if it will make much of a dent on Lightroom’s market share, particularly as Lightroom is now selling on Amazon for under £100.

New Pentax bridge camera

Bridge compacts – by which we mean sophisticated compacts with long built-in lenses – remain popular, even in this age of stylish compact system cameras and keenly priced SLRs. So get ready for Pentax XG-1, a 16-megapixel bridge with a whopping 52x optical zoom.

Pentax includes a “reliable shake-reduction system” to help combat soft shots when shooting with such a long lens.

An Auto Tracking AF mode helps to keep moving subjects in focus, and other useful extras include a 1cm Macro mode.

A pet detection mode will automatically recognise up to ten ‘pet faces’ too, so Cruella De Vil take note. The Pentax XG-1 has a suggested retail price of £249.99 and goes on sale in August.

My Monster Lens hell

Think your full-frame 24-70mm zoom can feel a bit heavy after a long day’s shooting? Stop being a wuss, and check out this bicep-busting collection of the world’s longest lenses.

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Adobe updates ACR for Nikon D810 and more

Hot on the heels of the arrival of the new Nikon D810 full-frame SLR, Adobe has updated its Camera Raw (ACR) software to work with raw files from the new camera.

ACR 8.6 and Adobe DNG Converter 8.6, known as ‘release candidates,’ also also offer raw editing support for the Panasonic AG-GH4 and FZ1000 plus colour profiles for the Sony RX100 III, Alpha SLT-A77 II and A7S, and lens profiles for a range of Canon, Nikon Schneider Kreuznach and Sony lenses.


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