9 creative photo ideas to try in July 2014

Creative photo ideas for July: 05 Shoot a bike meet

Creative photo ideas for July: 08 Shoot at dusk using a high ISO

Creative photo ideas for July: 08 Shoot at dusk using a high ISO

One of the best things about digital cameras is their low-light capability.

“Ordinary places can look exciting and take on an element of mystery when the light fades,” says Tony Worobiec, a low-light specialist and author of Icons of the Highway and other photography books.

Tony’s passion is capturing fading Americana. He’s travelled around the USA taking moody low-light shots of old motels, diners and cinemas.

“A big motivation was to make a visual record of these buildings before they disappear, which they are doing at an alarming rate.

But you don’t need to travel: experiment with your camera and you can get atmospheric low-lights shots anywhere.”

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* Higher ISOs mean more noise, so make use of your camera’s noise-reduction facility.
* Try using a zoom lens with a constant wide aperture. Tony reckons they give more leeway when shooting hard to access buildings.
* Switch to Bulb mode when shooting long exposures in low light, particularly with scenes illuminated by the moon. A tripod is essential.


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