9 creative photo ideas to try in July 2014

Creative photo ideas for July: 05 Shoot a bike meet

Creative photo ideas for July: 07 Shoot a stunning sunrise

Creative photo ideas for July: 07 Shoot a stunning sunrise

Shooting sunrises seems much more civilised in the summer. It’s usually not too chilly early in the morning, few people are around, and of course, the light is wonderful.

That said, you still need to plan carefully in advance. Landscape photographer Adam Burton has taken some great sunrises, so here are his essential landscape photography tips for shooting at dawn.

“You need to make sure you are at the location and all set up a good 30 minutes before the actual sunrise,” he explains. “Often the pre-dawn glow will be more colourful than the sunrise itself.”

Since a great sunrise is a fleeting experience, you need to be sure of nailing the exposure.

Adam uses an ND graduated filter when shooting into the sunrise to stop the sky overexposing.

“Whenever you are shooting directly into the light, ensure your lens and filters are spotlessly clean to reduce the chances of flare ruining your image,” he advises.

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Get started today
* If you’re keen to get in a lot of a coastal scene as the sun rises, you need a wide-angle lens.
* Include elements that add foreground interest or lead the eye towards the sun.
* If you’re combining the sunrise with slow-shutter speed effects (like milky water) use a tripod and cable release, and lock up your SLR’s mirror to further reduce camera shake.


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