9 creative photo ideas to try in July 2014

Creative photo ideas for July: 05 Shoot a bike meet

Creative photo ideas for July: 04 Shoot a music festival

Creative photo ideas for July: 04 Shoot a music festival

Early summer is an exciting time for music fans, as there has never been such a wide choice of festivals.

Music photographer Joby Sessions has some tips for getting great shots on the day.

“You definitely need a good zoom lens at festivals, ideally a 70-200mm. Try to crop close, to avoid monitors and missing legs, and try to capture the band’s expressions.

You may need to push the ISO too, as you often can’t use flash. It’s also worth taking along a wide-angle lens, as you may be able to stand on the guards’ ledge, if the security allows you.”

Don’t forget that the punters can be just as photogenic as the bands.

“You can often get great atmosphere shots looking back at the crowd,” Joby continues.

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Get started today…
* Use a shoulder bag rather than a bulky rucksack, as they are easier to squeeze through a crowd and less likely to be left behind by accident.
* Take a versatile standard zoom lens, like a 24-200mm, so you’re not changing lenses in dusty or muddy conditions.
* Don’t ‘chimp’ (review shots) too much when shooting bands.
* If your camera is getting confused by the constantly changing lighting, try shooting in Manual mode, using a wide aperture and carefully controlling the shutter speed.
* Avoid strong spotlighting on a band member and make use of backlighting.


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