8 things you’ll learn at PhotoLive 2014

8 things you'll learn at PhotoLive 2014

PhotoLive 2014 is fast approaching and we’re getting excited about the tips, tricks and useful takeaways we’ll get from some of our favourite professional photographers.

PhotoLive is taking place in Leeds (23 Aug), Edinburgh (30 Aug) and London (06 Sep) and there are over twenty seminars to chose from.  

Here are eight things you’ll learn from a day out at PhotoLive:

1. On and Off-Camera Flash Techniques
Flash expert and commercial photographer Adam Duckworth will teach you how on-camera flash can be used to create subtle and beautiful effects.

Adam will also demonstrate how to build up to multiple off-camera flashes, modified with a variety of inexpensive modifiers to create some amazing and creative images.

8 things you'll learn at PhotoLive 2014

Image by Adam Duckworth

2. Creating Beautiful Lifestyle Portraiture
Award-winning photographer Andrea Denniss will take you through what’s involved in a lifestyle portrait shoot and how to compose and capture great portraits.

You’ll not only leave this session with a greater understanding of how to use natural light to produce beautiful images, but you’ll also learn how to add style to your shoots through the use of clothing and props.

3. Master Fashion Photography
Renowned fashion photographer Bruce Smith will tell you what it takes to be a top class photographer and the necessary attributes you need to succeed.

From this session you will learn how to control every aspect of your shoot from initial concept to the finished images, including managing your team and model in order to become commercially viable as a professional photographer.

3. Master Fashion Photography

Image by Bruce Smith

4. Raising the Standard of Your Imagery  

Landscape, travel and architectural photographer David Clapp will share his professional secrets on how you can raise the standard of your imagery by discussing photographic techniques and methods.

You’ll look at the extensive world of photographic technique and the key points you need to consider to refine your portfolio and shooting style.

5. Top Tips on How to Improve Your Wildlife Photography 

Wildlife photographer Andy Rouse will share his insight into how he captured some of his recent favourite images.

Andy will discuss photo analysis from a composition and technical point of view, factors you need to consider to perfect your workflow and top tips and advice on how to improve your wildlife photos.

5. Top Tips on How to Improve Your Wildlife Photography

Image by Andy Rouse

6. Getting the Best from Your Business
In this up-beat and inspirational session, Catherine Connor of Aspire Training will give you a real insight into how to get the best from your photography business, from attracting the right clients for you and your style of photography to how to ensure you earn a living from your business.

7. Weather Watching to Create Successful Images
UK landscape photographer Fran Halsall will discuss how weather not only affects technical considerations such as exposure, but also the way it shapes the photographs emotional atmosphere.

Fran will look at colour and tonal theory, how to get it right in-camera and resist the urge to over-process plus, you’ll discover what weather works with which subjects.

8. Create and Perfect Powerful Panoramic Photographs 
Master the art of panoramic photography with award-winning landscape photographer Jeremy Walker. Jeremy will walk you through composing and creating powerful panoramic photographs.

He will discuss the best techniques and tips for creating panoramic images, how to interact with the location and landscape when shooting panoramic and the key aspects of perspective and composition.

8 things you'll learn at PhotoLive 2014

Image by Jeremy Walker

Click here to see the full schedule and to book your ticket

Individual seminars: £20
Day ticket (access to all seminars) £115
Entry to retail area: FREE

If you have any questions regarding PhotoLive please don’t hesitate to contact us at events@futurenet.com


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