Lightroom Mobile: how to set up and use the Lightroom companion app

Lightroom Mobile: how to set up and use the Lightroom companion app

How to use Lightroom Mobile: steps 4-7

How to use Lightroom Mobile: step 4

04 The big wait
When you click a Collection you see all its pictures displayed in a tiled grid – you can also see them individually or as a slide show. This test Collection of 300 12-megapixel images took about 2.5 hours to upload.

If there’s a flaw, this is it. It’s not just that the process takes a while, but that it’s not obvious when the process is complete.

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How to use Lightroom Mobile: step 5

05 iPAD editing
The Lightroom Mobile app displays the synchronised Collections, although, again, the process may take a little time. Again, Collections are displayed as tiles, and tapping a tile displays the photos as a tiled grid.

But when you tap an image to see it full-size, you also get access to key editing tools. Here, a skewed image has been straightened and cropped.

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How to use Lightroom Mobile: step 6

06 Basic tab tools
The Lightroom Mobile app offers the options provided by the Basic tab in the desktop version. You can apply an Auto Tone correction, for example, adjust the white balance and make shadow and highlight adjustments.

It’s perfect for making a first pass, applying quick image tweaks and adding flags (Reject, Unflag and Pick) to help you pick your best shots.


How to use Lightroom Mobile: step 7

07 Preset effects
Lightroom Mobile can also apply Lightroom preset effects (though not, as yet, custom presets). You tap the button for the category you want and the effects are displayed as thumbnail previews in a pop-up panel.

It’s quick, simple and intuitive. When you’ve finished editing, you sync manually by tapping the cloud button.


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