7 ways to beef up your photo portfolio

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6 things that are holding back your photography – and what you can do about it: 06. Weak marketing

06. Join a club or aim for a distinction

The best way to get a bigger portfolio is to get out there taking more pictures, but if you need motivating to do this, why not join your local camera club?

They often hold competitions, which will encourage you to get out there more (indeed, entering more camera competitions generally is good advice…).

Aiming for a widely recognised distinction, such as those organised by the Royal Photographic Society in the UK, will also get you concentrating on putting together a really good portfolio of work and hopefully give you some letters after your name.

07. Brush up your writing skills

If you reckon you know enough about photography to be able to write about it, why not set up a blog, or offer to write for an established one?

Blogging tends to be easier to break into than writing for a magazine, and being given a (hopefully paid) commission to go and photograph something is a great motivator.

The more you are published, the easier it gets to attract new work.


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