7 ways to beef up your photo portfolio

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The smart way to build your photo portfolio: 02. Offering to shoot groups or organisations

02. Offering to shoot groups or organisations

Smaller bands, theatre groups, organisations – they all need decent images to help with PR purposes, and this can benefit you too.

If a group visits your neighbourhood and catches your eye, why not offer to take some PR images for them?

Unless they already have a relationship with a photographer, chances are they will be interested — and you get better access on their next performance, and more pictures.

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03. Be realistic about travel commissions

Any serious travel photographer dreams of a client stumping up for an all-expenses-paid trip to a great location, but these gigs are hard to come by.

Even recent winners of Travel Photographer of the Year, such as Larry Louie and Louis Montrose, fund most of their travel photography themselves.

Maybe you can ease the pain though by contacting a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) and offering to take some images of their work — they might be at least able to help with accommodation and food costs, which often account for a quite a large slice of a trip’s costs.

Or maybe a tour company or a hotel can give you a discount on food and board if you offer to supply images for them.

Going to travel industry shows is a good way to network.


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