History of photography: why Fox Talbot is photography’s most important pioneer

History of photography: why William Henry Fox Talbot is photography's most important pioneer

Discover the history of photography

Discover the history of photography

If William Henry Fox Talbot’s story has whetted your appetite for learning more about the history of photography then you won’t want to miss the special series of collectible supplements running in Digital Camera magazine over the next three months.

175 Years of Photography is a three-part souvenir covering photography’s remarkable story and one part will be given away with each of the next three issues of Digital Camera.

Part one covers the early pioneers, including William Henry Fox Talbot and Louis Daguerre, and will be distributed with issue 153.

Starting in the Victorian era and finishing in the modern age of digital SLRs and CSCs, 175 Years of Photography is a truly definitive account of the greatest hobby ever invented.

Collect all three supplements and you’ll learn all about the people who drove photography forward, the cameras that changed the world and the technologies that changed the way we view our surroundings forever.

Make sure you get the first part of the series and don’t miss any of the subsequent parts by subscribing by 6 June 2014 for just £23.49 with our exclusive offer – saving 28% off the shop price! Just click the link below that applies to you:

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PAGE 1: A revolutionary idea
PAGE 2: A fierce rivalry
PAGE 3: Discover the history of photography


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