6 ways to keep shooting in harsh light

Photography tips: how to use a reflector

6 ways to keep shooting in harsh light: 04. Backlighting

4. Backlighting

As mentioned earlier, some plants look fabulous when they are back-lit because their translucent structure comes to life.

But that’s not the limit to backlighting, there are many other subjects that look great when lit from behind, it’s a good option for portraits for example.

The key to shooting a back-lit subject is to set the exposure for your subject and not the background.

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The easiest way to do this is to set your camera to spot-metering mode and ensure that the spot (usually the active AF point these days, but it maybe the centre of the frame) is over your subject when you set the exposure.

The end result should be a correctly exposed subject against and bright, possibly burned out background.

If you want to create a more high-key look, increase the exposure a little to brighten your subject further.


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