6 ways to keep shooting in harsh light

Photography tips: how to use a reflector

6 ways to keep shooting in harsh light: 03. Use a reflector

3. Use a reflector

Commercially available reflectors look very similar to diffusers, but rather than letting light pass through them they reflect it back.

A reflector is held opposite the light source to bounce light back into the shadows.

Some manufacturers make diffusers that come with covers that can be slipped on to create a reflector.

You can also use piece of white card or for extra light, a scrunched up piece of aluminium foil that’s been smoothed-out can also be used (it’s easier to handle if it’s stuck to some card).

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If you don’t have a reflector with you there are plenty of reflective surfaces around you that can be used instead.

Light-coloured buildings, water and bright sand all bounce lots of light back, so it’s just a question of positioning your subject at the right angle to them.


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