Spring pictures: how to set up your camera for seasonal close-ups

Spring pictures: how to set up your camera for seasonal close-ups

How to get the sharpest close-ups

In addition to locking the camera on a sturdy tripod, use these key camera settings for sharper shots in your macro photography

1 Optimise aperture

Your choice of aperture has an impact on the depth of field, and consequently how much of a flower or plant appears sharp. Using Av or M mode will enable you to set your preferred choice of aperture.


2 Use Mirror Lockup

Once activated, the mirror will be locked out of the way when you press the shutter button, enabling any vibrations to dissipate before you press the shutter again for a shot. We’ve added it as a MyMenu shortcut on our Canon DSLR.

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3 Try manual focus

Lenses can often ‘hunt’ for autofocus at close range. It’s often easier to switch to manual focus instead. You won’t find this option on the Quick Control Screen though – simply slide the switch on the lens to MF.

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4 Use the Self-timer

There are two self-timer options: one that lasts ten seconds, and a shorter two-second one. The latter is perfect as you’ll be able to fire the shutter without unintentionally knocking the camera.

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