Light trails: enhance your night shots with this really simple photo editing tutorial

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    Light trails step by step – steps 10-12

    10 Rotate the trail

    In the Tool Options bar, click to set the bounding box’s Reference Point Location to the left so it will pivot on the light trail’s start point.
    Set Angle to -2.09 Degrees to make the beam match the picture’s perspective. Drag inside the bounding box to re-position the trail.

    11 Fine-tune the trail position

    Click the tick to apply the perspectival transformation. Go to Image>Transform>Free Transform. Click and drag the new bounding box’s handles to adjust the length of the light trails so that they stop just before the figures on the right. Press Return to apply the transformation.

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    12 Add a wobble

    Click on the Yellow Trail layer in the Layers palette. Go to Filter>Distort>Liquify. Grab the Turbulence tool [T]. In the Tool Options section, set Brush Size to 200. Set Brush Pressure and Turbulent Jitter to 50. Click and spray along the trail, moving the cursor slightly up and down. Click OK.

    Light trails step by step – steps 1-3
    Light trails step by step – steps 4-6
    Light trails step by step – steps 7-9
    Light trails step by step – steps 10-12
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