17 things you can do to help your camera live longer

    | Photography Tips | 10/05/2014 00:01am

    Your DSLR will deliver years of hassle-free photography, as long as you’re prepared to look after it. With that in mind, the photo management and Canon Project1709 experts at Photoventure offer up 17 simple tips for how to protect your digital camera and make it live longer.

    Some are recommended camera care routines that many of us in all truth probably don’t carry out as often as we probably should, while other tips offer less obvious ways to extend the life of a camera, particularly if you’re a photography beginner.

    17 things you can do to help your camera live longer

    1. Do… Read the camera manual

    Your camera’s manual is full of invaluable advice and essential warnings for preventing camera damage and keeping it running smoothly — from how to extend the life of the camera battery to how to avoid overheating when you’re using Live View.

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    2. Don’t… Expose the camera to extreme heat

    Chances are that this will be highlighted in a bold font at the front of your camera manual. Excessive heat and digital cameras aren’t good bedfellows. Leave a camera locked in a hot car and you risk plastic parts becoming warped and rubber components deteriorating.


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