Focus tracking: 4 ways to ensure pin-sharp action photos

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    How to use focus tracking: 04 Stay on target

    How to use focus tracking: 04 Stay on target

    Whether you opt to hand-hold or use a tripod, it’s important to follow the subject in a smooth action and maintain its position in the frame.

    This is not too difficult if the subject is moving at a constant speed across the frame or coming directly towards you, but it gets trickier for subjects that move erratically in any direction.

    The main aim is always try to keep the focusing point/s you have selected positioned over the subject.

    This will keep the subject sharply in focus, as well as well-positioned within the frame.

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    Improve your technique
    It’s a good idea to set drive mode to continuous to be sure of capturing the peak of the action.

    When using continuous drive mode, it’s quite easy to be distracted by the mirror going up and down, which may cause you to loose tracking.

    Shooting in shorter bursts can help, by allowing you time to reframe the subject between shots.

    To help with focus tracking, try to frame the subject some time before you intend taking shots.

    Track the subject using continuous focus until it’s close to reaching the optimum position, and then take a burst of shots.

    How to use focus tracking: 01 Use continuous focus mode
    How to use focus tracking: 02 Select the focus point
    How to use focus tracking: 03 Be ready and steady
    How to use focus tracking: 04 Stay on target


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