Focus tracking: 4 ways to ensure pin-sharp action photos

    | Photography Tips | 04/05/2014 00:01am

    How to use focus tracking: 03 Be ready and steady

    How to use focus tracking: 03 Be ready and steady

    Hand-holding gives greater flexibility, but it can be harder to keep the subject in the frame, especially if you’re using heavy gear.

    It can also be very tiring, so you’ll need to put the gear down during periods of inactivity.

    A tripod will certainly help you to track the subject more smoothly, but it may also restrict your movements.

    Try both and see how you get on. It often depends on the subject and situation, as well as a personal preference.

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    Improve your technique
    It’s very easy to miss the critical bit of the action because you’re not fully prepared, so learn to anticipate what might happen next, and have the lens trained on the subject, and your eye on the viewfinder, the whole time.

    Continuous autofocus will respond much more quickly if it is already engaged.

    For example, if you want to track a subject from a static position as it moves off, activate continuous autofocus in anticipation of the subject starting to move.

    How to use focus tracking: 01 Use continuous focus mode
    How to use focus tracking: 02 Select the focus point
    How to use focus tracking: 03 Be ready and steady
    How to use focus tracking: 04 Stay on target


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