15 ways to improve your photography without buying new gear

15 ways to improve your photography without buying new gear

10. Watch TV

Yes, really. TV gets a bad press, but you can learn an awful lot about composition by unwinding in front of a good movie or TV drama.

Look at how a scene has been lit and how it’s been framed, where the elements fall and how it’s been cropped.

Chances are, cinematographers and lighting cameraman have more than a passing interest in photography — in fact, shooting stills is probably how most of them got started — and by actively watching their work, you’ll develop your eye for composition.

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11. Spend the money on a photography trip

15 ways to improve your photography without buying new gear

Many of us would love to upgrade our slow f/5.6 lenses for faster f/2.8 ones, but would that money be better spent on travelling to a location with great photo potential?

You’ll feel motivated to shoot when you visit somewhere new. It’s only by putting in the hours and making mistakes that you’ll improve your photography.

And wouldn’t you rather do that somewhere stimulating with a bunch of cheaper lenses and accessories, rather than sit at home with expensive camera gear?

12. Use a tripod

How often have you heard that pearl of advice? We’d guess at least 320 times. But a tripod can be seriously good for the health of your photography.

We’re not talking technically here — supporting your camera during an exposure is naturally going to give you sharper photos — but rather the way that a tripod slows down the art of picture taking.

The fiddly process of setting up a tripod encourages you to pay more attention to the camera position, what elements you’ll include and exclude in the photo and fine-tune the framing.


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