15 ways to improve your photography without buying new gear

15 ways to improve your photography without buying new gear

Famous photographers on Facebook: Steve McCurry

7. Follow photographers you admire

By following the best photographers on Facebook, regularly checking in on their blogs and learning the stories behind their best photos, you’ll develop your eye for a picture and ultimately improve your own photography while you’re commuting on the train or sat at your desk at work.

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8. Read the best photography books

As many as 880 billion photos will be taken in 2014, reports Popular Photography.

And you can bet that most of those will end up being shared online. Few photography websites bother with quality control, while fewer still are able to curate such a volume of pictures into a meaningful selection worth looking at.

So why not treat your eyes to a photography book where every picture has to count?

We’re not talking practical how-to photography guides, but ‘coffee table’ photo books, such as Life (Frans Lanting), Water Light Time (David Doubilet), Street Photography Now (Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren) and We English (Simon Roberts).

Although some photo books are expensive, there’s usually a deal to be found on eBay.

9. Avoid camera review websites

Or should that be ‘avoid temptation’? Anyway, it’s easy to become disillusioned with the camera gear you own if you spend too much time visiting dedicated camera review websites and forums.

But the launch of a new DSLR doesn’t make the previous model a dog. Review forums can also be quite disheartening places, with comments descending into blow-trading between camera tribes.

Stick with more positive influences. Photography websites like PetaPixel and Digital Camera World get the balance between inspiration and insight right.


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