Camera cleaning: 5 ways to healthcheck your camera with confidence

Camera cleaning: 5 ways to healthcheck your camera with confidence

Camera cleaning check 05: Firmware

Camera cleaning check 05: Firmware

The problem
As with many computer programs, the operating system of your camera (known as ‘firmware’) can be updated to install new features, and even solutions for operating problems, so it pays to make sure that your camera is up to date.

The solution
First you need to check the firmware version that’s installed in your camera, which is usually found by going to the setup menu and scrolling to the firmware version menu.

This could be a single number, such as 1.00 or 1.02, or there might be two or three number/letter combinations.

Next, go to the website of the camera manufacturer and try to find the latest firmware available for your camera.

This is usually found in the download or support section of the site, and you will need to find the listing for your camera model.

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If there is a later version available than the one installed on your camera, you’ll need to download this firmware to your Mac or PC, and then copy it to a formatted memory card that will fit your camera.

Finally, insert the card into your camera, go to the firmware screen again, and follow the instructions to update the firmware.

Once you’ve finished, you’ll need to turn off the camera, remove the card, then turn the camera back on and check that the firmware version installed matches the version that you downloaded from the website.

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  • Just a little addition to the firmware update: Before you start updating your firmware make sure you have the “energy saving feature” of your LCD display disabled. Because nothing is more nerve wracking when you go from a progress-bar to a black screen without being noticed about the status (error or success) of your update…and this easily happens if you have the “energy saving feature” enabled.