Camera cleaning: 5 ways to healthcheck your camera with confidence

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    Camera cleaning check 02: Lenses & filters

    Camera cleaning check 02: Lenses & filters

    The problem
    Dust, dirt or water spots on a lens or filter can produce flare or blurring in your shots, so you need to clean them regularly, particularly if you shoot in bad weather or dusty, dirty locations.

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    The solution
    Cleaning lenses is similar to cleaning your camera body, but in this case you need to be particularly careful to avoid scratching or marking the front and rear optics.

    Again, first blow or brush away any loose dirt, dust and grit, so that this won’t scratch the lens when you clean the glass itself.

    Once you’re happy that there isn’t any dirt or grit anywhere near the glass you can use a lens-cleaning cloth or proper lens tissues to wipe the glass.

    You may need to use some specialist lens-cleaning solution to remove the more persistent grime. If this is the case put a few drops of the cleaning solution onto the tissue or cloth (never onto the lens itself), then carefully wipe over the surface of the glass.

    Finally, use a clean tissue or cloth to wipe away any residue.

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    To check the surface of the lens, try looking across the surface so that you can see a reflection of light from a window (or similar even light source) in the surface.

    This will help to show up any residue or marks that may cause flare. You can also clean any filters using exactly the same techniques, but you need to be particularly careful if you have the square, resin filters, as they are often more prone to scratches than glass filters or lens elements.

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