8 tripod mistakes every photographer makes (and how to get it right)

8 tripod mistakes every photographer makes (and how to get it right)

Common Tripod Mistakes: 7. Not weighting the tripod

9 secrets to using a tripod like a pro: give your tripod extra support

Even quite heavy, sturdy tripods will struggle to keep a camera completely still in a strong wind, especially if there’s a long lens mounted.

You can give it a helping hand by hanging a weight from the centre column if there’s a hook, or the shoulders, your camera bags is ideal.

Try to ensure that the weight just reaches the ground so that it can’t swing around in the wind but the tripod benefits from the downward force.

PAGE 1: Flimsy tripod
PAGE 2: Leaving the tripod behind
PAGE 3: Extending centre column
PAGE 4: Extending the bottom sections first
PAGE 5: Not leveling the shoulder
PAGE 6: Carrying the camera on the tripod
PAGE 7: Not weighting the tripod
PAGE 8: Erecting a tripod on wet sand


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  • Steve

    Re: #7 Weighting the Tripod. If I’m not lugging my camera bag around with me to use as a weight, I always take a plastic carrier bag with me. Filled with stones or small rocks, this is a really handy way to improvise a weight for your tripod.