8 tripod mistakes every photographer makes (and how to get it right)

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    Common Tripod Mistakes: 6. Carrying the camera on the tripod

    How to carry a tripod: step 1

    You often see photographers walking with their extended tripod over their shoulder with the camera still mounted, but it’s a pretty risky thing to do.

    The change in angle can cause what seemed liked a locked head to come loose, for example, and if it tilts down just as you’re walking passed a wall, it could be curtains for your camera.

    And there are always slapstick moments when you misjudge the length of the tripod and bash your camera on a nearby tree, wall or fellow photographer.

    As most tripod heads have a quick release plate, not removing the camera from a tripod only saves you a few seconds time.

    PAGE 1: Flimsy tripod
    PAGE 2: Leaving the tripod behind
    PAGE 3: Extending centre column
    PAGE 4: Extending the bottom sections first
    PAGE 5: Not leveling the shoulder
    PAGE 6: Carrying the camera on the tripod
    PAGE 7: Not weighting the tripod
    PAGE 8: Erecting a tripod on wet sand


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