8 tripod mistakes every photographer makes (and how to get it right)

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    Common Tripod Mistakes: 5. Not leveling the shoulder

    9 secrets to using a tripod like a pro: use a spirit level

    Many tripods have a spirit-level built-into the shoulders which enables you to see whether the legs are creating a level platform for the head.

    Although many tripod heads also have a spirit-level, it’s generally best practice to use the legs to get the shoulder’s level.

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    The most important reason for this is to ensure that the tripod is properly balanced.

    If it isn’t, it may not take much, just a change of lens angle or a gust of wind, for it to tip over and your camera to come crashing down.

    Another problem with leveling the camera via the head rather than the legs is that the camera may not be level when you move it.

    This is a particular problem when panning to follow a moving subject.

    PAGE 1: Flimsy tripod
    PAGE 2: Leaving the tripod behind
    PAGE 3: Extending centre column
    PAGE 4: Extending the bottom sections first
    PAGE 5: Not leveling the shoulder
    PAGE 6: Carrying the camera on the tripod
    PAGE 7: Not weighting the tripod
    PAGE 8: Erecting a tripod on wet sand


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