8 tripod mistakes every photographer makes (and how to get it right)

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    Common Tripod Mistakes: 4. Extending the bottom sections first

    9 secrets to using a tripod like a pro: extending the tripod legs

    Because the lower sections of a collapsible tripod’s legs need to slip inside the upper sections when the tripod is packed away, they are thinner.

    This means that they are a little less stable, so when the full height of the tripod isn’t required it’s best to extended the thicker, upper leg sections rather than the lower ones.

    PAGE 1: Flimsy tripod
    PAGE 2: Leaving the tripod behind
    PAGE 3: Extending centre column
    PAGE 4: Extending the bottom sections first
    PAGE 5: Not leveling the shoulder
    PAGE 6: Carrying the camera on the tripod
    PAGE 7: Not weighting the tripod
    PAGE 8: Erecting a tripod on wet sand


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    9 secrets to using a tripod like a pro

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