8 tripod mistakes every photographer makes (and how to get it right)

8 tripod mistakes every photographer makes (and how to get it right)

Common Tripod Mistakes: 3. Extending centre column

4 tips for sharper shots when using a tripod

Most tripods have a centre column that extends to allow higher-level shooting than just using the legs alone.

However, this provides a much less stable platform when it’s extended than when it’s dropped down and should be used with caution.

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Where possible, the legs should be used to get the camera to the correct height and any height adjustment should be done via the legs.

The column should only be used once the legs are at maximum extension and even when it’s fully retracted it’s important to ensure that is locked tight to reduce wobble.

PAGE 1: Flimsy tripod
PAGE 2: Leaving the tripod behind
PAGE 3: Extending centre column
PAGE 4: Extending the bottom sections first
PAGE 5: Not leveling the shoulder
PAGE 6: Carrying the camera on the tripod
PAGE 7: Not weighting the tripod
PAGE 8: Erecting a tripod on wet sand


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