8 unbelievable ways to beat camera shake

8 unbelievable ways to beat camera shake

8 unbelievable ways to beat camera shake: lean on a tree

3. String

An old trick for keeping a camera steady when there’s no tripod or monopod to hand is to screw a bolt into the camera’s tripod bush and attach a piece of string to it.

The string needs to reach down to the ground with a little to spare to allow you to step on it and pull the camera upwards to the string is taut.

This method can’t help with side-to-side movement, but it takes out up-and-down shaking to create sharper images.

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4. Lean on a tree

Trees and posts can come in handy when you find yourself without any form of support for your camera.

Rather than using these to hold the camera up, press the camera against them to hold it still.

This tends to work best when shooting in portrait format as the camera bottom, which has a larger surface area than its side, is pressed onto the tree/post.

In some cases a large blob of Blu Tack or something similar can come in handy.

Don’t use it to hold the camera in place — that would be very risky. Use it to help absorb some of the shake that you impart to the camera.


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