5 simple ways to grow your photography business over social media

    | News | 12/04/2014 00:01am

    5 ways to grow your photography business on social media

    2. Become a king of content

    That said, just populating your social media with humdrum messages like ‘got a new tripod today’ or ‘saw the accountant’ is unlikely to win you much new business via Facebook.

    Don’t go in for tacky and heavy-handed sales messages either.

    At the very least, start to distribute low-res versions of some of your best recent pictures online, with links back the full watermarked versions on your website.

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    Try to write content too — ‘top tips’ type articles on your particular specialism, or other distillations of your wisdom and experience.

    If you’re not a particularly confident writer, get a friend to read through before publishing.

    Writing content makes you look an expert in your field, inspiring confidence in customers.


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